What is the BioMat?

For technical descriptions of the BioMat refer to my sister site, http://joyce.thebiomatcompany.com. Here I would like to explain it in more layman's terms. It’s like "sitting on sunlight" to sit on the BioMat. The Far Infrared (FIR) light is the invisible part of the light spectrum which is the same as what comes from the sun. It’s what we feel when we step into the sun. It's not heat, but light energy which feels warm when it touches us.

Because it's light (not just the kind of electrical heat you get from a heating pad, which is a surface heat) it penetrates 6-7 inches into your body, giving you a deep cellular level massage, opening capillaries, (which improves circulation & oxygenation) and increasing lymph flow, allowing the body to flush toxins.

The BioMat is also producing negative ions, which is what you breathe in after a thunderstorm, at the ocean, or near a waterfall that feels so good in your lungs. It is actually helping your body heal, because negative ions re-open clogged gates (ion channels) in the cells (which get stuck closed from bad air, water and food, as well as stress - a clogged cell can be the start of disease) and get the cells communicating again.

What makes the Richway BioMat stand out from all the other infrared mats on the market is the inclusion of gem-quality amethyst. Amethyst is an excellent conductor. Being one of the highest vibrating stones known, it is used in industry, because it stabilizes the flow of electricity. Greenwich Mean time is kept with an amethyst crystal. Other mats use 100 year old stones or jade, which have good healing properties (RichWay still carries Jade BioMats) but they are minerals, not crystals, and are not as high vibrationally. We recommend the Jade BioMats for those who are very ill or very elderly as they are much gentler and promote healing sleep.

The larger sizes of BioMats use only amethyst, because amethyst is so calming and helps with sleep by putting the brain in deep delta state. Also, amethyst can only conduct in a straight line, so it helps to conduct the FIR through the mat, but can't go around a curve. The MiniMat has tourmaline and amethyst in alternating ribs, because tourmaline can conduct around a curve. It's the same with the pillow. The tourmaline is beneficial for pulling out toxins and releasing negativity physically, mentally and emotionally. It is also said to balance male-female energy. Amethyst is beneficial for processing old stuff, and emotional issues. The Minimat is also a little more energizing, due to the tourmaline, so you're not as inclined to go into delta sleep while sitting on it in front of your computer or while driving.

The pillow is an important part of the set, because it helps to keep the head cool while the body is warm. This is considered important in Ayervedic and chinese medicine, 1- because it's not good to heat your head, 2 - because the body can tolerate higher heat when the head is cool. Consequently, you are able to do a full sauna on the mat, by covering yourself with sheets and blankets (natural fibers, so you don't amplify something synthetic over your body) and putting the heat on the highest setting. Be sure to cover the BioMat with a few layers of towels, too, because you WILL sweat! Because of the conducting properties of these crystals, the beneficial FIR & negative ions are also conducted over the pillow from the mat, giving you the benefits without the heat.

RichWay has a patent on using the 10 hz frequency in conjunction with the 17 layers and the amethyst crystal used in the Bio-Mat. In China there were scientists who experimented with this frequency. More specific information on these experiments can be found in the article entitled, Let There Be Light in the Information section. One scientist directed 10 hz through the DNA of a child towards his 82 year old father, and his father began to regenerate. !0 Hz conveys information, as well as being considered the frequency of optimal health. This frequency directed toward you through the amethyst, enables your body to access 20 million years of healing information held within the amethyst. It also is giving your cells the template or example of optimal health, so that the cells have this information to reconnect with their originally created healthy state.

The BioMat is based on patented NASA technology. The first monkey into space in 1957 came back crazy, from sensory deprivation, and cold temperatures. In researching ways to give the monkeys sensory input, NASA found research being done on premature babies. It was found that the babies that were massaged grew faster and had better brain development than those who were not. A scientist discovered that what's emitting from the hand is 6.8 FIR light. They were able to manufacture this, and sent the next monkey to space with this 6.8 FIR, and it solved the problem. Happy monkey. 6.8 FIR is now in the cabin and suits of the astronauts. NASA opened the patent to the public. That's what you will be experiencing. The 17 layers of the BioMat and the Texas Instrument control box are part of that patented information. Because they use the frequency of human touch, people find great comfort lying or sitting on the BioMats.

The control box converts AC to DC before it enters the BioMat. AC (alternating current) is the form of electricity that is believed to be harmful to life. DC (direct current) is considered more compatible with humans. There are also two blocks in the BioMat and one in the plug leading into the BIoMat to deflect away harmful electromagnetic fields.

The BioMat is FDA cleared as a heating pad, and can be prescribed by a medical practitioner in cases of auto accident injuries or other health concerns. At this time auto insurance and some Workman's Comp have covered the cost of the BioMat. Many customers have purchased the BioMat with their Pre-Tax Medical Plans from their benefits packages.