on Friday, 11 January 2013. Posted in Pets on the BioMat

After going to the vet with 2 strange growths, one on her shoulder and one between her toes, I had thought I'd let her get on the BioMat to help her paw, that now had only three sewn together toes, heal a little faster. Then when the biopsy results came back and Sable was diagnosed with cancer, there was no doubt that I'd be putting her on my new BioMat Mini every day. It's a lot easier for me to put her on the mini mat with my MatMate cover, that's 100% cotton and washable. She can be a little smelly sometimes since we aren't able to bathe her with the stitches. So I have a cover that I slip on for her and a cover that is for me, that has an elastic strip so I can use it in my office chair. Now we both love to share the mini BioMat.

She is laying on the mini mat right now, and loving it!

Jen Martin, FL

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