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I have witnessed such amazing results with this product that I feel obligated to pass the information on to others. Through a combination of negative ions, amethyst and far infrared technology, The Bio-Mat uses state-of-the-art technology which reverses degenerative disease cycles and speeds cellular renewal. Rosie’s Story. Rosie is my nine month old kitten, she has lived with me since she was found, abandoned by her mother, at approximately two weeks old, at the side of my driveway. At the age of two and a half months, (around Thanksgiving ’07) she came down with her first bout of chronic diarrhea (which at times included pieces of her intestinal lining). Since then, she had many fecal tests, and blood work, yet no cause of the diarrhea could be found, She had been on many homeopathic remedies, along with other supplements and was on a holistic diet, yet nothing seemed to give her any relief. She had been dewormed and in exasperation, even given antibiotics. Both her Veterinarians and myself were running out of ideas.

Then, at the end of April ’08, I, by chance, met a registered nurse - named Teresa - who started telling me about this bio-mat, and the amazing results she and her patients (and their pets) were experiencing from using the bio-mat. She kindly offered to let me borrow hers for a few days. Well, as soon as I set it up in my living room, Rosie was the first of my animals to jump aboard. She usually spent 15 mins at a time on the bio-mat, and would go on it frequently throughout the day and night. On day 5 of using the bio-mat, I heard Rosie use her litterbox. When I went over to clean it out, I was astonished! There in the litterbox was a normal hard adult size cat poop! Could it have been the bio-mat that assisted her body in self-correcting? WOW! Wait... it gets better.. Four days later (Day 9), when she went to potty, sheeliminated dozens of roundworms (even though she had tested neg. many times)! Since then, her poop has been normal, her appetite has been great, (she can eat anything-cooked or raw), her runny eyes have cleared up, and she is now a much happier kitten. We are all amazed! Even her veterinarians agree it must have been the bio-mat. I, myself have felt great improvement since using it, not to mention I can’t keep my clients animals off the bio-mat when they come over for a session. If you, or your pets are suffering from aches & pains, chronic ailments or just want to improve your general well-being, The Bio-Mat is definitely something you are going to want to learn more about. Lorraine J. Smith, B.Msc., WPB, FL,

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