About Us


I am a proud distributor of the Richway Fuji Bio life-enhancing products. Together with my team of representatives I am dedicated to sharing the healing products of our company on a global level. I am a Team Leader with The Biomat Company and strive to effectively train, support, and mentor my team of associates. Each person who purchases a product from our team will enjoy the excellent customer service and support our company has earned over the years. This training has been passed on to me by my upline team and I am passing it on to those who join us now. I am setting up a referral system so that many will have the chance to experience the products first-hand. I believe in paying it forward and will donate a portion of every sale to the listed charitable organizations: Alachua County Humane Society, Heaven Bound Rescue, a no-kill shelter that rescues animals when their owners have passed on or have entered a nursing home, Purrs and Whiskers Shelter, Inc., and Relay for Life, American Cancer Society.


My name is Joyce Carrington, MA, LMT. I have been enjoying the benefits of my BioMat since 2006. My first experience with the BioMat was when I saw an ad in our local Wellness Magazine in Gainesville, Florida, offering a free session at a local massage therapist's office. I had been looking into purchasing a Far Infrared Sauna and thought I would check it out. I had one session for a half hour and to my amazement the pain that I had been feeling in my right elbow and both wrists for two and a half years was totally gone. I then drove to my next client's home to start a massage session, and she commented that my hands were very hot, a sign that the effects were still working within me. That was the moment when I decided I had to have my own BioMat. I called to find out the price of the mat and when I heard how much it cost I realized that it was not going to be an impulse purchase. I decided to start saving up for it and cancel my plans for purchasing the Far Infrared Sauna.

The pain was gone for three days but on the fourth day it started coming back. I have been a massage therapist for twenty years and was facing an early retirement due to the excruciating pain, and now I was given the choice to be pain-free and continue doing the work that I love. I ordered the BioMat that day and have been pain-free ever since.

In the next few months I introduced all of my massage clients to the benefits of the BioMat and realized that my massage work had developed into a deeper level. My Reiki and therapeutic essential oil treatments intensified. My clients relaxed immediately and I didn't have to work as deeply as I had in the past. My deep tissue work was not as necessary and I could do more Cranial Sacral techniques. Many of my clients purchased their own BioMats for home use based on the pain and stress relief they felt from our sessions.

I then started doing cross-country shows sharing the Biomat and Rejuvena. That is when I heard thousands of testimonials from people from all walks of life. My favorite quotes are, "It's like a day at the beach." "It's like a kiss from God." "It's like a two week vacation in Maui when I called my boss and told him I'm not coming back to work good." "It's like a full-body smile." "It's a Magic Carpet Ride." It's a Bliss Mat!" Many people would release their pain and tension with tears of joy and relief. Several said it was the first time they had been pain free in twenty years.

Now years later I have many satisfied BioMat customers who have reported major health improvements. Some of them went on to share the BioMat with others and are now in the business with me. Each day I feel more gratitude for the gifts of healing these products have provided.